Vulnerable Giants
Fragile Cosmos
No grid fits No 5 and 3
Bubblegumbubbles 1 - 3
All that glitter
Protea garden
Sommer's Abschied
No grid fits ( I - III)
Summer bouquet
From my garden
See you
A trace of spring
Bad News
25Rose hips
First signs of fall 1 + 2
It cut me to the heart
The yellow Threat
Behind the fence
First signs
Kramer vs. Kramer
Digital Bouquet
Fata Morgana
First signs of fall (2)
Die große Flatter
In the shallow water
Plum and vase
The final countdown
In an octopusses garden
Monochrome summer
Washed away (1 + 2)
Zen - Minimalism
From the bicolor series
moored ships - Kieler Woche
Femme fatale
Bicolor 13
Mental state (series of 15 motives)
Mini bugs

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